Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot is an all-new stylish Echo device that can define you the things. Just ask to see the weather, watch news bulletins, set an alarm, play music, watch videos, check out your calendar, and much more. Personalize your spot with a collection of clock faces or set your favorite photo as the background image & it is fully customize. Make video calls to anyone with Amazon Echo Spot or the Alexa App. The Spot has a camera but can be disabled. The camera is a great feature if other family members has a Spot also you can make video calls or use it as a nanny cam and peek in at anytime. If you get the doorbell cam they sell one with face recognition, night vision, 2 way intercom and you can do it all from your Spot .

Amazon Echo Spot has a great sound built in but if you want more power you can also use a 3.5 mm jack input from the echo spot direct to the soundbar


Feature:-Bluetooth, Wireless, Portable